I find painting much more of an natural and easier tool through which to express things that I find difficult to do so in words. For me, painting is an active means of 'self-consideration' to communicate with the world and to define myself. It is a great pleasure to enjoy with my various paintings.
나는 말로는 쉽게 표현할 수 없었던것들을 그림을 통해 자유롭고 편안하게 표현한다. 나에게 그림은 내 존재를 드러내고 표현하는 도구이며 바깥 세상과의 의사 소통을 위한 자기 배려의 적극적인 수단이다. 내 자신, 다양한 작품으로 즐기는 것은 대단히 큰 기쁨이다.
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I was born in April 1962 in Wonju. I grew up in Jeonju and graduated from Jeonju Girls High School in 1981. I studied at Ewha Womans University and majored in computer science. After marriage, I had been making porcelain crafts and copper plate crafts as a hobby and in 2009 began painting. I entered the Graduate School of Fine Arts, Hongik University in 2016 and majored in Painting. I have been working on the painting continuously.
Member of the KFAA (Korean Fine Arts Association)Member of the ADAGP Global Copyright Protection Association (Sociétés d'Auteurs Dans les Arts Graphicques et Plastiques)Member of the AIAM (International Andre Malraux Association-Amities Internationales Andre Malraux)
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1985 Ewha Womans University, Seoul - Major in Computer Science2018 Hongik University Graduate School of Fine Arts, Seoul -MFA2014 ~ Hongik Institute of continuing Education for Culture and the Arts, Hongik University, Seoul - Learning Modern Painting.
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The Best Essay 2019-04 Vol.92
Monthly ARTIST 2019-03 Vol.68 Workshop 1K EPCO Art Center Gallery 1 , Seoul (2019. 3 . 3- 3.9
Monthly ARTIST 2018-09 Vol.61 ONE & THREE, NAMSONG ART MUSEUM , Gapyeong (2018. 9. 4 - 9.28